Friday, October 10, 2008

Saving Sanity with Working Appliances

I love the refrigerator repair man! Our fridge/freezer went out on Monday and we finally got someone to fix it today. I am so glad! We are truly blessed and spoiled with our modern convinces.

On Monday evening after we decided that it was not going to get any cooler, we loaded a plastic tub with everything we wouldn't be able to save like milk, yogurt, refrigerated biscuits and things of that nature, to give to our neighbors before it went bad. The very first neighbor I spotted and offered things to told me she had a dorm-size refrigerator in her garage she used for pop and water and offered to loan it to us! God will provide! We were able to save the majority of the food by sticking most everything we could in the garage freezer and everything else we needed in the little fridge. We lost a few things like ice cream, popsicles and condiments but that is much better than meat and chicken! We were able to have milk and yogurt all week long. My husband was grateful for the milk and my son for the yogurt.

It was a test of my creativity to find things to cook this week. You would be surprised how many things you cook that need stuff from the fridge. And then there was the need to store leftovers. We had room in the fridge for 1, maybe 2, small containers of leftovers at a time. This proved to be a problem because I usually make plenty of extras for lunches for my husband and myself. I had to try to scale down my recipes and force my husband to eat extra at dinner. (He HATED that part! :) )

I am so grateful that we now have a working refrigerator and freezer in the house. I no longer have to walk to the garage to get milk (it was safer out there- Drew likes to "cook" when he can get in the fridge). In a way, it's sad that I was upset I had to walk an extra 20 feet to get milk, but I am very grateful I no longer have the need.

Happy Savings!