Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saving Sherry's Shopping List

Here are links to all of my stores for this week!





Rite Aid


Kroger Shopping List for the Week of June 1

Hmm, I am seriously hoping Kroger has some better deals next week. The milk, bananas and eggs prices are good, I'm just looking to replenish the stockpile on other things and Meijer seems to be helping me, but Kroger is just leaving me out to dry! Here are some of the best deals I see:

Bananas are $.29/lb (AWESOME price!)

Kroger Gallon Milk is $1.75

Kroger Large Eggs are $.88/dz

Ball Park Hot Dogs are $1.67
$1 on 2 in the 5/17 RP
$1.17 each after coupon

Baby Back Ribs are $2.98/lb

That's about it. . . Did I miss a great deal? Please let me know!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Meijer Shopping List for the Week of May 31

Here is the best of what I could find at Meijer this week:

Dole Canned Fruit (mandarin oranges, pineapple, or tropical fruit) are 5/$5
$.50 any from various magazines- including All You
$.55/2 mandarin oranges printable
1.00/3 5/31SS
FREE, $.50 or $.66 each depending on coupon

Old El Paso products are 20% off
$1.00/2 dinner kits meal box coupon
Nabisco 100 Calorie Snack Packs are 2/$5
$1.00 meal box coupon
$1.00 printable in my widget on the right side
$.50 after both coupons!

Bisquick Baking Mix is 1.99
$.60 printable and here
$.60 in the 04-05 SS or 5/31 SS
$.99 after coupon (Good price, I'm stocking up!)

Nabisco Chips Ahoy are 2/$5
$.55 in the 05-17 SS
$1.00/2 in the 04-19
$1.50 or $2.00
*get a FREE Meijer Ice Cream wyb 2* (Yummy)

Splenda is 25% off
up to $3.50/2 printables here
$1.00 meal box coupon
$5.50/2 in coupons plus 25% sale = CHEAP SPLENDA!

Daisy Sour Cream is $1.50
$.50 in the 05-31 RP
$.50 after coupon

- Buy 2-24 packs of Meijer Water (.5 liters) at $2.99 each ($5.98 total)
- Buy 4 Crystal Light to Go boxes at $2.88 each ($11.52 total)
- Use 4 printables here or here (-$4)
- Use 4 $1 Meijer Mealbox coupons (-$4)
- Instore deal that when you buy 2 Crystal Light to Go boxes, you get a FREE 24 pack of water (-$5.98) (happens automatically)
- Pay $3.52
- Get a $2 Catalina on you next order for buying 4 Crystal Light products
$1.52!!! Sweet Deal!

Did I miss a great deal? Please let me know!

Rite Aid Shopping List for the Week of May 31

Thanks to Shannon at For the Mommas for compiling the Rite Aid deals for the week. See her entire post here. Here are the highlights:

Aquafresh is $2.49
SCR #99 $2.49
$1.00 printable here
$1 MONEYMAKER after coupon and SCR!

Maxwell VHS Tapes are $1.49
SCR #124 $1.49
FREE after SCR!

Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste is $2.00
$.50 in ad coupon
$1.00 here
$.50 after both coupons

Schick Quattro is $7.99
SCR $3.00
$4.00 04-19 RP
$.99 after coupon and SCR

Coppertone Skin Care is 2/$15.00
SCR #3 $5.00 wyb 2
$3.00/1 here
$2.00 each after SCR and 2 coupons

Did we miss something? Let me know!

Saving Sherry Update

I'm trying to work on my match-ups between customers at my garage sale! It's going pretty good so far, hoping to sell lots more stuff! Stay tuned for pictures and hopefully more match-ups are coming soon.

Walgreens Shopping List for the Week of May 31

Thanks to Cindy for compiling this week's Walgreens deals. Click here to see her entire list. Here are the highlights:

Bayer/Breeze 2 Meters are $10
Get $10 back in RRs
Up to $30 in the 10/26, 2/1 RP and 3-22 SS

Ecotrin Tablets are $2
Get $2 back in RRs
$2 in 5-17 SS and $2.25 printable here

Bic Soleil or Comfort 3 Disposable Razors 4 pk are $4.99
Get $1 back in RRs
$3 in 5-17 SS
$2 in 4-19 SS
$.99 or $1.99 after MQ and RR!

Did we miss any deals? Let us know!

Friday, May 29, 2009

FREE Chocolate Friday

Go here quickly to get a coupon for a FREE Mars brand candy bar! The first 250,00 people to sign up after 9 EST will get a coupon for a FREE candy bar in the mail! They are doing this special every Friday through September! SWEET! I believe you can get 1 coupon per Friday, and up to 4 coupons per household between now and September. I LOVE me some Milky Way!

CVS Shopping List for the Week of May 31

Okay, this is another bad week at CVS. Apparently after all the freebies last week, we all get to take a week off! Maybe some of these deals will work for you!

ECB Deals

Buy 2 Hawaiian Tropic 4 - 8 oz (excludes lip care)
Get $10 back in ECBs (limit 1)
$2 on Hawaiian Tropic Printable here
$1 on Hawaiian Tropic in the 5/3 SS

Buy 2 Participating Soap Products
Get $4 back in ECBs (limit 5)
Includes: Softsoap Body Wash, Irish Spring Body Wash, Ensembles Hand Soap or Refills
$.75 Softsoap Printable here

Buy $50 in ITunes
Get $10 back in ECBs (limit 5)

Gallon Milk is $2.79
Get $1 back in ECBs (limit 2)
$1.79 each after ECBs

Buy $10 on Nivea for Men Facial Care
Get $5 back in ECBs (limit 1)
$1 energizing face scrub, face wash, face lotion or post-shave balm in the 5/3 RP
$2 Revitalizing Lotion Q10 or Revitalizing eye cream Q10 in the 5/3 RP
$1/2 shave gels in the 5/3 RP
$1 Face Care or $1/2 Shave Gel Printable here

Accu Check Meter is $14.99
Get $10 back in ECBs (limit 1)
$4.99 after ECBs

Act Total Care is $4.29
Get $1 back in ECBs (limit 2)
$1 in the 4/19 SS
$2.29 after coupons/ECBs

Craig 2GB MP3 Player is $29.99
Get $5 back in ECBs (limit 2)
$24.99 after ECBs

Essence Of Beauty Flawless Pedicure is $9.99
Get $3 back in ECBs (limit 1)
$6.99 after ECBs

Other Deals

Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers or Pull Ups are $8.99
$1.50 on Diapers in the 5/17 SS
$2 on Pull Ups in the 5/17 SS
$3 on Natural Diapers in the widget to the right
$7.49- $5.99 depending on what coupon you use
(Not the best price for diapers, but I am out of Pull-Ups and my son still sleeps in them!)

Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent is B1G1 FREE
$1 Printable here
Glade Air Freshener is $.99
B1G1 FREE in the 5/10 SS
$.50 each

Kraft Easy Mac Cups are $1
$1 on 2 Printable in the widget on the right side of my blog
$.50 each

Did I miss a great deal? Please let me know!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Saving Money at JCPenney

I just found a sweet coupon in my inbox! It's a $10 off any $25 purchase at JC Penney! It's only good for a few days (May 28- June 2) so be sure to hit up your nearest JC Penney and score a sweet deal!

Garage Sale 101

Okay, if you know me personally, you know that I am a garage sale junky! I love to get great deals on my kid's clothes, toys and even strollers at garage sales. I have purchased a few clothing items for my husband and myself at garage sales, but I have found that thrift stores are usually better for adult clothes. And for small appliances, garage sales are the best! Everyone gets stuff as presents that they don't really want and they are willing to part with it for cheap!

Why am I sharing this with you? It's because I am having a garage sale this weekend! My friend and I decided to go together and sell all of the stuff we can't stand to look at anymore! She is selling tons of kid's cloths and I'm selling tons of kid's toys. Making the extra money will be nice, but frankly, I really just want to get rid of the clutter!

Because I've spent sooooo much time digging through strangers stuff at garage sales, I consider myself something of a garage sale expert. So, I have come up with 10 tips for you to use at your next garage sale:

1. Clean your stuff! I will NOT pay much for dirty toys. I understand that most of the stuff in garage sales have recently been in storage, but I'm not going to buy things that are dirty and covered in spider webs.

2. Put in batteries that work. I know that people usually don't want to spend money to make money, but I promise you, people are more likely to buy stuff or even pay more money for it if they know it actually works. Have an extension cord ready to plug in small appliances so people can make sure they work too.

3. Take your stuff out of the bins! I, like you, store all my kid's clothes that don't currently fit them in bins. I understand that it is very easy just to grab bins and throw them in the driveway, but you will not make as much money this way. If you don't have enough tables to put everything on, go to the store and buy a tarp and put the clothes on the ground (arranged by size and gender, of course!). People are more likely to buy more when they can see everything.

4. I'm not going to pay retail prices! I have been to so many yard sales when they were selling their used kids clothes at the same price I can buy them in the store for! I'm not going to pay $8 for a pair of 12 month jeans (especially when they are stained)! It's just not going to happen! I don't want to hear how you paid $30 for them and what a great bargain this is. Standard garage sale pricing is 10% of the original cost. Take into account wear and tear into the price. If it's an outfit in great condition, you can go slightly over the 10% mark, if it's really been worn hard, go under the mark. If you just want to sell the stuff to get it out of your hair, sell everything for $.50 or $1 or even do a "stuff a bag for $5" sale. I ALWAYS buy more when I can fill a bag.

5. Have prices easy to find. I understand that you don't want to make every single t-shirt with the price. But if you have a lot of something you don't want to individually put a price on, then hang up signs. Make the font large and make them easy to understand. (Okay, I just have to share that I went to a yard sale a few weeks ago that they lady had actually attached a 3x5 index card to EVERYTHING with what it was, size, original retail price, how many times it was used or worn and what specific even it was used or worn for if it was only used once, needless to say, I didn't buy anything from her because she didn't follow tip #4. She was actually selling boys t-shirts, worn for $10, umm, no.)

6. Have plenty of small bills on hand. I couldn't tell you how many times people have not been able to make change at yard sales. I usually have small bills with me because I know I'll be yard saleing, but on the random week day sale I happen across sometimes people can't make change so they lose my sale.

7. ADVERTISE! It is so easy to advertise for free now! Garage Sale Cow is my current addiction. You go there, type in your zip code and click on the yard sales you want to go to and it maps it all out from your house to every sale and back to your house! BEST WEB SITE EVER!!! (Excluding Saving Sherry of course!) Post it on Craig's List in your area. Do you have a bulletin board at work? Do any of your friends? I have a couple of friends who put my garage sale on their electronic bulletin boards at work for me.

8. Put up signs! I HATE garage saleing around my parents house. I don't know why but everyone thinks that I know my way around every subdivision in their area. They will put a sign at the front of their subdivision with the address of the sale and there won't be anymore signs anywhere. I don't psychically know that I need to make 2 rights followed by a left, then another right to get to 134 Chestnut Street. Put a sign at every turn along the way to your house, and if you go more than 2 or 3 blocks without turning, tell me I'm still on the right path and to keep going straight! The easier you make it to find your sale, the more likely I am to go.

9. Feel free to ask. If someone is digging through clothes or looking only at electronics, ask them if they are looking for something specific. Sometimes they are looking for something you have, but they aren't looking in the right place.

10. Don't be rude. Understand going into your sale that people are going to offer less for everything you are selling. Do not be offended. Sell it for less if you feel comfortable, if you think they are not offering you enough, meet them in the middle. You can always just say "No." But please be nice about it! You may have an emotional attachment to that lawn mower because it is the first one you ever owned, but Jim from the lawn mowing company only sees a really old lawn mower that is going to need work to keep it running, he's not trying to offend you, he just wants to get the best deal he can for his money.

Well, I hope those are some tips you can put into effect for your next garage sale. Do you have a great tip? Let me know! I can use all the tips I can get this weekend!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

FREE Coffee at Panera

This is a great deal! Sign up here to meet a friend at Panera and get FREE coffee for the both of you! You have to pick a date, time and actual location, but it's FREE coffee! (Now I wish I liked coffee!) This deal is only available in Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado.

Saving Money at Office Depot

Check out free after rebate stuff at Office Depot this week! (Thanks to Charlene!)

Roxio VHS to DVD is $49.99
Get $50 prepaid VISA back (mail in rebate)
FREE after rebate

Norton 2009 Security is $64.99
Get $5 instant rebate
$45 Mail in Rebate
Final Price: $14.99
**Existing Norton users that provide proof of ownership qualify for an additional $20 upgrade rebate, making it FREE

Sharp 8 Digit Calculator $3.99
Get $4 Visa prepaid card after mail in rebate
Final Price: FREE after rebate

Check It Regitry Cleaner $29.99
Get $30 manufacturer rebate
Final Price: FREE after rebate

Simple Scrapbooks $29.99
Get $30 manufacturer rebate
Final Price: FREE after rebate

Art Explosion T Shirt Factory $29.99
Get $30 manufacturer rebate
Final Price: FREE after rebate

Half Price Books Reading Club!

Half Price Books has a summer reading program for kids 12 and under called Feed Your Brain. If you child reads for 15 minutes everyday they can get a $3 Half Price Books Shopping Card EVERY WEEK! The dates of the program are June 1 - July 31. Check out all the details here. This sounds like a really sweet deal!

Saving Sherry's Shopping list- Week of May 24

Here are my stores!






Rite Aid

Rite Aid Shopping List for the Week of May 24

Special thanks to For the Mommas for compiling the Rite Aid Deals for the week. Check out her entire list here.

Hersheys Bar BOGO
use $1.00 from the 04/19 SS
2 FREE after coupon

Hawaiian Tropic Suntan Lotion BOGO
use $2.00 here
Price Varies

Target Shopping List for the Week of May 24

Special thanks to Coupon, Deals and More for helping me with the Target match-ups this week! Check out her list here.

Vitamin Water10 is $1
$1 from the 4/5 SS
FREE after coupon!

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts (12 ct) are $2.33
Buy five and get a $5 Target Gift Card
Use $1/2 in 4/5 RP
$0.43 each after Target gift card and coupons (using 5 Target coupons and two manufacturer coupons)
Look for specially marked packages to get FREE movie tickets!

Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies (11.5 oz) are $2.33
Buy five and get a $5 Target Gift Card
$1/2 in 4/5 RP
$.33- $.98 each after gift card and coupons.

Kroger Shopping List for the Week of May 25

Raspberries are $.99

Kroger Gallon Milk is $1.75

Big K 2-Liters are $.59

Green Giant Veggies are $1
$.50/2 Boxed in the 4/5 SS
$.60/2 Boxed Printable here
$.50 each after coupon

Quaker Rice Cakes are $1
$1 in the 3/29 RP
FREE after coupon!

That's all I see for Kroger, it looks like it will be a slow week at the grocery store for me! If you see anything I missed, please let me know!

Meijer Shopping List for the Week of May 24

DiGiorno Pizza is $5
$1 in my widget on the right side of the blog
$1 printable via Meijer Mealbox
$3 after both coupons!

Oscar Mayer Bologna is $1.25
$1 in my widget on the right side of the blog
$0.75 after coupon

Boneless Pork Loin is $1.59/lb

Aunt Millie’s Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns are $.99
$.35 in the 4/26 or 5/10 RP
$.29 after coupon

Chi-Chi’s Salsa is $1
$1/2 in the 5/17 SS
$.50 each after coupon

That's all I see for now! Did I miss a great deal (I really hope so because this is a sad Meijer week), leave me a comment!

Saving Sherry Update

I am working on finishing up Kroger and Meijer now! I hope to have them posted by 4! Hopefully this kiddos will work with me on that goal!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saving Sherry Update

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to pop in to let you know that I am out of town for Memorial Day Weekend. We are in Ironton, Ohio to see the longest consecutively running Memorial Day Parade in the country (Oh, and to visit family! My husband grew up here.) so I am unsure of how regular my posts will be. I'm trying to get a grip on Kroger and Meijer, but I'm not sure how long I will be at a computer to finish them.

I just wanted to let you know what was going on with me! Are you doing something for Memorial Day? Leave a comment and let us know what you are doing!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Saving Money with 2 FREE Years of Shape

Get 2 years of Shape Magazine for FREE here! You will have to take a short survey then you can give them your info and after 8-10 weeks, your subscription will begin! (Thanks, Hip 2 Save!)

Saving Money at Old Navy

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 23, ONLY all Old Navy Solid Color Flip Flops are $1 in stores! There is a limit of 5 per person, so if you want to stock up, I'd suggest getting there early to get your size!

Walgreens Shopping List for the Week of May 24

Special thanks to Cindy for compiling the Walgreens deals for this week! Check out her entire list here. Here are the highlights:

Posture D Calcium is $8.99
Get $8.99 back in RR
Free after RR!

Cogate Total Toothpaste or Wave Toothbrush is $2.49
Get $1.50 back in RR
$1 off Colgate here
$1 in 5-10 SS
Free after MQ and RR!

Reach Ultraclean Toothbrush or Floss is $2.50
Get $3 back in RR wyb 2
B1G1 Free Reach Toothbrush in 4-26 RP
$1.50/2 3-15 SS
$.50 in 3-15 SS
Free after MQ and RR!

Hawaiian Tropics Sunscreen is B1G1 Free
$2 printable here
$1 in 5-3 SS
Use 2 coupons to get a decent deal
Did we miss something? Let me know!

Saving Money with FREE Candy Bars

Did you get your FREE Candy Bar today? Go here to register for a coupon for a FREE Mars Candy Bar! They are giving out 250,000 coupons every Friday! Hurry!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

CVS Shopping List for the Week of May 24

Sunday/Monday ONLY Deals

Clearasil Stayclear Face Wash is $3.99
Get $3.99 back in ECBs (limit 1)
$1 in the 4/19 SS
MONEYMAKER after coupon and ECBs!

Bandaids are $2.99
Get $2 back in ECBs (limit 2)
$1 in the 2/8 and 3/15 SS
$1 in the 4/26 or 5.17 RP
FREE after coupons and ECBs!

Revlon Nail Color is $3.99
Get $3 back in ECBs (limit 1)
$1 in the 4/26 SS
FREE after coupon and ECBs!

Playtex Gentle Glide or Sport Tampons are $3.99
Get $3 back in ECBs (limit 1)
$1 in the 3/22 SS
$1 Printable here
FREE after coupon and ECBs!

Folger’s is $3 and B1G1 FREE
$1 Folgers, 5/3 RP
$.50 each after 2 coupons

Planter’s Nuts are $3 and B1G1 FREE
$1 Printable in the widget in right side bar
$.50 each after 2 coupons

Colgate Cavity Protection Toothpaste is $.88
$.75 in the 2/22 SS
$.13 after coupon

Weekly ECB Deals

Speed Stick Pro Deodorant is $3.99
Get $3.99 back in ECBs (limit 2)
FREE after ECBs!

Colgate Total is $2.99
Get $2 back inECBs (limit 1)
$1 in the 5/10 SS
$1.50 in the March or April All You
$1 on Printable here
MONEYMAKER or FREE after coupon and ECBs!

Kotex Ultra Thin Pads (14-20 ct) are 2/$7
Get $2 back in ECBs wyb 2
$1 4/5 SS
$1.50 each after coupons and EBCs

Right Guard Clinical or Dry Idea Clinical is $7.99
Get $4 back in ECBs (limit 2)
$1 in the 4/19 SS
$1/2 in the 3/8 or 5/7 SS
$2.99 or $3.49 each after coupons and ECBs!

Buy $10 in Thermacare products (price ?)
Get $5 back in ECBs
$1.50 Arthritis Heat Wrap 3/29 and 4/19 RP
$1 any 3/29 and 4/19 RP
Pretty good deal if you use these!

Other Deals

Kraft BBQ Sauce is $1.67
$1 Printable in the widget in right side bar
$.75 or $.50 in the 5/3 SS
$.67 or $.92 or $1.17 each

Post Trail Mix Cereal is B1G1 Free (price ?)
$2 printable
Good deal after 2 coupons!

That's all I see so far! Let me know if I missed a great deal! Theses are MUCH better than last week!

Happy Savings!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Saving Money wih FREE Hot Dogs

This deal is DEAD! They gave out all of the coupons yesterday! I hope you got in on it!

Okay, as if after the $.25 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs at Meijer last week were not enough, Oscar Meyer is giving ONE MILLION DOLLARS worth of hot dogs away. Go here to fill out a form to get a coupon for your FREE pack in the mail in 4-6 weeks! Sweet! (Thanks, Deal Seeking Mom!)

Happy Savings!

Saving Memories

Happy Birthday to my amazing husband.

I wanna make you smile
Whenever you're sad
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
All I wanna do, is grow old with you

I'll get you medicine when your tummy aches
Build you a fire if the furnace breaks
So, it could be so nice growing old with you,....

I'll miss you
Kiss you
Give you my coat when you are cold
Need you
Feed you
Even let you hold the remote control

So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink
Put you to bed when you've had too much to drink
Oh I could be the (wo)man that grows old with you
I wanna grow old with you.

(Adam Sandler, I Wanna Grow Old With You)

You are the most amazing man I have ever had the privilege to meet and I am honored that God chose you for me. Thank you for everything you do for the boys and myself. We love you so much!
Love always,
Your Sherry

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All You Subscribers- Get More Coupons

If you, like me, are a subscriber to All You Magazine, you will want this info! Recently, All You has been putting extra coupons in the magazines they sell in the store. After receiving complaints and deciding we, the subscribers, are due the coupons too, they have established a program for use to get $12.50 in EXTRA coupons! You just need to e-mail and include

  • Your account number. It can be found above your mailing address on your subscription.
  • Your name and address.
  • Mention that you are requesting the coupon book from the June Edition.

That's it! Sweet deal! I always love more coupons!

Happy Savings!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! Check out My Charming Kids to see hundreds of other people who "didn't do" anything wrong this week!

I did not tape my son's light blocking curtain to the frame of his window so he couldn't see that the sun came up already on Sunday. I did not do this because he has been getting up at 6 am and coming in our room telling us that "the light's back on!" expecting me to hop right up and greet the morning cheerfully. Oh, I also did not put a towel in front of his door so the light wouldn't get in from under his door. I would never trick my kids like that! Not me! Oh, he slept until almost 8 and I still don't know why because it wasn't because of anything I did!

I did not forget to give my mom her Mother's Day card while she was in town last week. I also did not forget to mail it to her so she would actually get it at her house for Mother's Day. I especially did not let my son pour milk all over it and ruin it because I cannot replace it because it's after Mother's Day and no one is selling Mother's Day cards! Definitely not me! I'm a good daughter and I NEVER forget to mail cards in time to be received before the big day!

I am not completely out of tissues. (Did you read last week's post about my last 4 tissues?) I have not been out of tissues all week long. I have not been using toilet paper. Not me!

I am not addicted to garage sales! My husband and I have not been garage sale-ing with the kids the last 3 weekends and I'm not excited about coming weeks garage sales! I am a hip, chic mom who would never do anything like buy my 3 year old son a bag of underwear at a garage sale (it was 10 pairs for $2!). Oh, and I am not planning on washing said underwear in color safe bleach 2 times before he wears them. Nope, not me. I would never do such things!

I do not want to smack myself for putting a Veggie Tales CD in my van and letting my son listen to it! He does not whine and cry and scream every time I try to turn it off. I love that my son is listening to and singing along with good music about God and I would never want to hit the eject button, break the cd in half and throw it out the window while I'm traveling at 70 miles an hour! (Oh yeah, and I never speed either, read that as 65 miles an hour. . .)

I'm still not procrastinating on doing my Kroger match-ups for this week. I am a devoted blogger and I always do everything in a timely manner. Just because I think the sales are pathetic this week at Kroger does not mean that I refuse to do my post! Not me!

Happy Savings!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saving Sherry's Shopping List- Week of May 17

Here is my shopping list in clickable form. If you'll notice, Kroger doesn't yet have a link, that's because I'm still not finished with it. Meijer has such great deals this week and Kroger has so few, I'm having trouble convincing myself to finish Kroger! And, because their sales don't actually start until Monday, I figured I had some time to convince myself! So, check back later for Kroger!



Rite Aid



Happy Savings!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Meijer Shopping List for the Week of May 17

Meijer Gallon Milk is $1.98

Eggs are $.98/dz
Kraft Singles are $2
$1.00 / 2 printable HERE
$1.00 /2 coupon from 04/19 SS
$1.00/2 Meijer Mealbox
$1 each after MQ and MB!

Kraft Salad Dressing is $1.49
$1.50 coupon from the 05/10 SS
$1.00 printable HERE
FREE after MQ and MB!

Green Giant Veggies are $1.00
$0.50 printable HERE
FREE after coupon!

Valley Fresh Steamers are $1.00
$0.50 coupon from the 4/05 SS
FREE after coupon!

Eggo Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast Sticks are $1.59
$0.75 MQ 04/05 RP
$0.59 after coupon!
Eckrich or Ballpark Franks are $1.25
$1.00/2 Ballpark coupon from the 04/26 RP
$1.00/2 Ballpark coupon from the 05/17 SS
$1.00/2 Eckrich coupon from the 06/14 RP
$.75 each after coupon

Jell-O Gelatin is $.50
Buy 6
$1/3 printable (use 2)
$1/5 Meijer Mealbox
FREE after MQs and MB!

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is $1.25
$1/2 printable here
$.75 each after coupon

Jack's Pizza is $2.50
$1/2 printable here
$2 each after coupon

Cool Whip is $.99
$1/2 printable here
$.49 each after coupon

A-1 Steak Sauce is $2.99
$1 printable here
$1/2 Meijer Mealbox
$1.50 each after MQ and MB

Nabisco Wheat Thins are 3/$5
$1 Printable here
$.67 after coupon

Did I miss something? Let me know!

Happy Savings!