Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All You Subscribers- Get More Coupons

If you, like me, are a subscriber to All You Magazine, you will want this info! Recently, All You has been putting extra coupons in the magazines they sell in the store. After receiving complaints and deciding we, the subscribers, are due the coupons too, they have established a program for use to get $12.50 in EXTRA coupons! You just need to e-mail subsvcs@allyou.customersvc.com and include

  • Your account number. It can be found above your mailing address on your subscription.
  • Your name and address.
  • Mention that you are requesting the coupon book from the June Edition.

That's it! Sweet deal! I always love more coupons!

Happy Savings!


Whitney said...

Thanks for this info. I subscribe & didn't realize there were more coupons.

Anonymous said...

I emailed them the info and I got this today!

Unfortunately we have run out of the coupon booklet you have requested. We are happy to extend your subscription by 1 issue as a courtesy to make up for the differential in coupon value.