Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not by a Sit-N-Stand Stroller at a yard sale for the second week in a row! Why would anyone need 2 Sit-N-Stand Strollers? Even if I knew I could sell the first one I bought at my yard sale at the end of the month and probably make a few bucks because I got it so cheap, no one would by I second Sit-N-Stand Stroller.

I did not let my son have chicken nuggets for breakfast on Tuesday because I just didn't feel like arguing with him about which foods fit into the breakfast category and which foods did not. It didn't happen. My family only eats healthy, nourishing BREAKFAST foods for breakfast.

I did not tell my son that we were out of tissues after his fake sneeze so that I could keep the remaining 4 tissues for myself and my real sneezes. I would never lie to my son or deny him a tissue, even if my nose really was running and we only had the nice tissues with lotion and my nose was hurting and, I repeat, we only had 4 tissues left in the house. Not me! I love my son too much for that.

I do not tell my son that the TV is asleep when I can't stand to watch one more episode of whatever his cartoon of choice is that day. I did not go on to tell him elaborate stories about how tired the TV is and that it needs to sleep or it won't work the next time we want to watch a show. I would never lie to my son like that and while we're on the subject, he never even asks to watch TV because we do not watch TV in our house. He doesn't even know what the current cartoons are because he so very rarely watches them.

This has been my first attempt at Not Me! Monday. Stay tuned in the weeks to come to find out what I did not do, because I always post everything in a timely manor and NEVER forget to do things like write my Not Me! Monday posts! Not me!

Happy Savings!


Molly said...

The TV's asleep? That's a GOOD one, I'm going to totally steal that line...or, not. Since we don't watch TV either...

Anne said...

This was so funny, it put a smile on my face. Another friend of mine does this too. I always enjoy it. Thanks for blogging

*sara* said...

I love the tv is asleep line! Great first NMM!

Anonymous said...

How many strollers can one family use?

Saving Sherry said...

Okay Annonymous- I KNOW you are my husband. You can admit to it later, but I know it's you!

I'm glad I'm inspiring people to lie I mean NOT lie about the TV sleeping to their kids!