Friday, May 1, 2009

Saving Sherry's Tips for Internet Freebies

(This is part 2 of the series, check out part 1 here.)

Okay, it's true confession time. . . I attempt to be honest in everything I do in life. I don't (knowingly) use expired coupons, if a deal is limited to 1 per household, I only do it once even if I have the opportunity to do it multiple times, I feel bad (usually) hanging up on those cold calling salespeople, BUT, when it comes to filling out forms online for coupons and freebies I turn into a cold-blooded liar.

As I said in my previous post, I have an e-mail account that I only use for signing up for these things because I don't want to deal with the spam. Now I am confessing that I give a false birthday AND a false phone number. Okay, let the booing begin. Okay, have the first round out of your system? Let me explain myself:

Point 1- Why on earth does yahoo need my birth date? They are never going to send me a birthday card. I don't expect a "Hey, Happy 30th Birthday, use this $30 gift card for any website!" gift from them. They use the birthday info for security purposes. It is just another question they can ask you to make you prove that you are who you say you are if you forget your password. I don't just randomly make up a date. I change 1 specific digit on every form I fill out. I know what fake birth date I give them because it's the fake birth date I give everyone else. I just don't feel comfortable with sending everyone my private information. My address is listed, it can be easily looked up, I have no problem giving it out. My birth date is not. It's my birth date and I'll give it out to who I want to give it out to. (Having said that, if you are receiving payment from a site, you need to give them your REAL birth date for tax purposes.)

Point 2- Yahoo is never going to call me either. Honestly. They have no reason to. It, again, is just another question they can ask you to prove that you really are you if you forget your password. I LOVE the National Registry of Do Not Call phone numbers. I signed up LONG before you could do it online. I have my cell phone, my husband's cell phone and my home phone listed. I do know that if I give my phone number out, it is then allowed to be used. Not that I don't trust Yahoo (or anyone else, for that matter, that says they won't sell my info) but, well, okay, I don't trust them. Again, my name and address are fine for these people to know. If they want to send my junk mail, feel free, I just don't want you to call me in the middle of dinner.

Okay, so those are the points I have to defend myself in my lying. Please forgive me. I feel bad enough about doing it without suffering judgment from the blogger world! :)

Happy Savings!

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Lori said...

"Liar, liar pants on fire, hanging from the telephone wire"

Just having some fun with ya.