Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Saving Sherry's Tips for Internet Freebies

I recently had someone e-mail me and ask how I could stand getting all of the junk mail in my inbox after signing up for so many online deals. She said after signing up for a few her inbox was inundated with 20 or so junk e-mails everyday. Well, my answer to that is simple: I just don't check that address very often.

I currently have 4 e-mail addresses:

  1. My old college e-mail address. I used it for 10 years and still check it a couple times a month just to see if someone e-mailed me there because they don't know my new e-mail address or haven't tried to contact me in years.

  2. My e-mail address I give out to my friends and family ONLY. This is the account I have set up to automatically tell me when I receive an e-mail. I check this one multiple times throughout the day.

  3. My Saving Sherry e-mail account. I use this account for all things related to my blog. I usually check it at least once a day.

  4. My junk e-mail account. I set up an account that I use for everything else. Anytime I have to fill out my e-mail address on any type of form I use this account. If I later decide I actually want the e-mails sent from a specific company, I just change my e-mail address to one of the above accounts. This way I don't have to worry about sort through TONS and I really do mean TONS (I usually get anywhere from 20 to 50 e-mails a day to this account) of random junk e-mail. I generally check this account a few times a week.

Having this many e-mail addresses may sound like a pain to keep up with and check, but I look at it this way: I immediately get e-mails from the people that need to get in touch with me and don't have to worry about sorting through other e-mails and inadvertently delete something I needed to read (like my Bible Study was canceled or my friend wants to meet me for lunch). I enjoy having everything organized this way: it's kind of like having cubbies for everyone's stuff, but it's all online!

So, how does my neurosis help you with online deals? Start a new e-mail address that you use just for specials and deals. Yahoo and Hotmail are great sites that will let you get an e-mail address for free! And you know how much I love free!

Stayed tuned and I will be posting more tips to use when you are getting all of those coupons and freebies online!

Happy Savings!