Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Littlest Pet Shop at Toys R Us

Print out the Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Littlest Pet Shop coupon for a great deal at Toys R Us!

Littlest Pet Shop is B1G1 at Toys R Us this week, using the above coupon you *should* be able to get 2 for FREE!! But, should your store not allow you to do this great deal, try buying 4 and using the coupon. You will still get 4 for the price of 1. Not as good as FREE, but still a great deal!

(Call before you go, because some stores are saying they don't have the B1G1 sale.)

Mt. Dew at Target Deal

So, while perusing my local Target add I spotted a $5 Gift Card wyb 5 12 packs, but they annoyingly put "Come in and check out our sale prices!" instead of a price. (Grr) So, I checked the blogosphere and found that some people are reporting that Pepsi is 5/$15, which makes a good deal, BUT I also spotted a Target coupon for $1/2 Mt. Dew which makes this a REALLY good deal if you are a Mt Dew drinker (as I am) because it will be $1.20 each after 2 coupons and the gift card!

I'm going to try again!

Okay, the baby is 3 months old and basically sleeping well, so I'm not quite as exhausted as I was before! My hats off to all the blogger moms out there who have had babies and just kept blogging! I just couldn't do it!

My goal is to get started finding everyday deals and posting them. I'm not sure that I will be able to do all of my normal stores (especially not this weekend) but I'll try to take baby steps and get back into this. I've missed it and I haven't been deal hunting for myself so my pantry is starting to get bare!

Thanks for hanging in here with me!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meijer Shopping List for the Week of March 14


Potatoes 5lb bag is $1
Naval Oranges 5lb bag is $2.50
Michigan Apples 3lb bag is $1.50


Meijer Ground Turkey is $1/lb
Pork Spareribs are $1.79/lb
Meijer Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts are $1.99/lb


Kraft Singles are $2
$1/2 Meijer Mealbox
$1.50 each after MM

Coupon Match-Ups

Grands Biscuits are $1
$.30 printable
$.40 after coupon

Chex Mix is $1
$.50 printable
FREE after coupon

Green Giant Steamers are $1
$.50 printable
FREE after coupon

Land O Lakes Butter is $1
$.50 printable or here
$.50 in the 2/7 SS
FREE after coupon

Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes are $1
$.40 printable
$.20 after coupon

Old Orchard Juice is $1.67
$.50 printable
$.50 Meijer Mealbox
$.17 after MQ and MM

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish are $1

Fruit Snacks Deal:
Buy 4 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks at $6.44
use 2 $.50 printables
get a $2.50 OYNO Catalina
$.53 each after coupons and Cat

See anything I missed? Please let me know!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kroger Shopping List for the Week of Jan 4


Cuties Clementines
are $3.88
$.55 in the 12/6 SS (expires 1/6)
$.55 printable
$2.88 after coupon

Texas Grapefruit 8 lb bag is $3.88
Naval Oranges 8 lb bag are $3.88
Sunburst Tangerines are $.20 each
Red Delicious Apples 3 lb bag are $2


Kroger Gallon Milk is $1.98


Pork Chops are $1.49/lb

Coupon Match-Ups

Freschetta Pizza is $3.99
$.75 in the 11/1 and 11/15 SS
$1 printable
$2.99 after coupon

Juicy Juice 64oz or 8 pack is $1.99
$1/2 printable (it's really a MQ, not a Target Q, I promise!)
$1.49 each after coupon

Select Big K 2 Liters are $.59

Kroger Peanut Butter is $1

P&G Deal continues this week. (Since I didn't post last week, here is the full list of deals and the rules!) Buy $25 in participating P&G products, get $5 instantly off your order. BUT WAIT! It's $5 off any NON-P&G products. There is no limit to the amount of discounts per transaction. $25 is accumlated on PRE-coupon totals.

Tide Laundry Detergent (liquid: 40 to 64 loads powder: 63 to 80 loads) is $11
$1 in the 12/27 P&G
$10 after coupon

Tide Stain Release is $5
$3 in the 12/27 P&G
$2 after coupon

Bounce Fabric Softener (100 to 120 ct) is $5
$.25 in the 12/27 P&G
$4.50 after coupon

Downy Fabric Softener (48 to 60 loads) is $5
$.25 in the 12/27 P&G
$4.50 after coupon

Bounty Paper Towels (6 or 8 rolls) is $7
$.25 in the 12/27 P&G
$6.50 after coupon

Charmin (9 Mega Rolls) are $11
$.25 in the 12/27 P&G
$10.50 after coupon

Dawn Dish Detergent
is $2
$.25 in the 12/27 P&G
$1.50 after coupon

Head & Shoulders Shampoo and Conditioner is $6
$2/2 in the 12/27 P&G
$5 each after coupon

Duracell Batteries are $3
$1 in the 12/13 RP
$2 after coupon

Always Pads or Liners are $5.50
B1 Liner, G1 Liner FREE in the 12/27 P&G
B1 Pad, G1 Pad FREE in the 12/27 P&G
$2.25 each after coupon (don't forget the FREE product count toward your $25 total)

Pampers Diapers (Jumbo) are $9.77
$2 in the 12/27 P&G
$7.77 after coupon

Pampers Wipes Tubs are $2.59
$.50 in the 12/27 P&G
$1.59 after coupon

That's all I see for now. See anything I missed? Please let me know!