Friday, March 27, 2009

Saving Money with FREE Bowling!

I have cousins who got in on this deal last year, so I was waiting to hear something about it this year and I just did! You can sign your child up to get 2 FREE games everyday at a bowling alley near you with! You have to pay the normal shoe rental fee at most locations, but the games are free! Everyday!

You can also buy a Family Pass that will give 4 adults and 6 kids 2 free games everyday all summer long for $24. If you live near one of the included bowling alleys, this is an AMAZING deal! Check the locations here. Each alley has it's own rules and times set that you can use these passes, so be sure to read those!

Happy Savings!

1 Comment:

Lori said...

We need one closer than colerain.