Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! Check out My Charming Kids to see hundreds of other people who "didn't do" anything wrong this week!

I did not tape my son's light blocking curtain to the frame of his window so he couldn't see that the sun came up already on Sunday. I did not do this because he has been getting up at 6 am and coming in our room telling us that "the light's back on!" expecting me to hop right up and greet the morning cheerfully. Oh, I also did not put a towel in front of his door so the light wouldn't get in from under his door. I would never trick my kids like that! Not me! Oh, he slept until almost 8 and I still don't know why because it wasn't because of anything I did!

I did not forget to give my mom her Mother's Day card while she was in town last week. I also did not forget to mail it to her so she would actually get it at her house for Mother's Day. I especially did not let my son pour milk all over it and ruin it because I cannot replace it because it's after Mother's Day and no one is selling Mother's Day cards! Definitely not me! I'm a good daughter and I NEVER forget to mail cards in time to be received before the big day!

I am not completely out of tissues. (Did you read last week's post about my last 4 tissues?) I have not been out of tissues all week long. I have not been using toilet paper. Not me!

I am not addicted to garage sales! My husband and I have not been garage sale-ing with the kids the last 3 weekends and I'm not excited about coming weeks garage sales! I am a hip, chic mom who would never do anything like buy my 3 year old son a bag of underwear at a garage sale (it was 10 pairs for $2!). Oh, and I am not planning on washing said underwear in color safe bleach 2 times before he wears them. Nope, not me. I would never do such things!

I do not want to smack myself for putting a Veggie Tales CD in my van and letting my son listen to it! He does not whine and cry and scream every time I try to turn it off. I love that my son is listening to and singing along with good music about God and I would never want to hit the eject button, break the cd in half and throw it out the window while I'm traveling at 70 miles an hour! (Oh yeah, and I never speed either, read that as 65 miles an hour. . .)

I'm still not procrastinating on doing my Kroger match-ups for this week. I am a devoted blogger and I always do everything in a timely manner. Just because I think the sales are pathetic this week at Kroger does not mean that I refuse to do my post! Not me!

Happy Savings!


Kelli said...

Great Not Me's!! I love cloudy morning when the boys sleep in and don't come running to my room saying "it's wake up time" as soon as the sun hits their window! Maybe we should invest in some black out curtains! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Super not me's! I love garage sales too. Unfortunately in Canada we still had frost last week so we haven't had a lot of them going on yet!

Anonymous said...

hi i was wondering if you could add a feedburner to your that i'd be able to subscribe through my hotmail.....thanks a

groovie mom said...

I bought my son a Clifford CD once that about drove me insane. Since then, I've learned to be much more choosy in my musical selections for the kids. If it's not something I think I can handle listening to OVER and OVER again, I don't buy it.

Saving Sherry said...

Kelli- I just bought the backing for curtains at a fabric store, MUCH cheaper! Then I made them myself, it's hanging by a tension rod. They aren't pretty, but they do the job.

Beauty in All Things- bummer for the frost! Hopefully there are some good sales in your future!

Anonymous- feedburner is added!

Groovie Mom- where were you when I bought the crazy CD?!?! I thought, oh Toddler Songs and Veggie Tales, that will be fun. Now I'm thinking of poking out Bob and Larry's eyes!

Thanks for the comments guys! It's always nice to hear people are reading your blog!

Jeff9 said...
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Janis said...

Great Not Me's! :) Many I can relate to! :)

God Bless

Lori said...

I like your Not ME's I have a couple on my blog too. It was an amazing way to kill a FEW hours. My second one took the longest (2 hrs) to write and rewrite.