Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Saving Money at Rite Aid

Oh my goodness! I just spent $120 at Rite Aid! (My husband, who reads my blog at work is having a mild heart attack now. Calm down honey and keep reading, it's gonna be okay!) If you live anywhere NEAR a Rite Aid, run, don't walk, run there as fast as you can! They are having an AMAZING week with their Single Check Rebates! There are calling it the "Feeling Better for Free Week." Check out the ad here. Here is a list of the free stuff:

Thanks to Tara for typing the list and alerting me to the deals! My Rite Aid was already out of some items, so I didn't get everything. There are 30 Freebies this week, totaling $144.20. There are links provided for Internet Printables, but some Rite Aid's take them and some don't, it's up to the store manager. My store takes them, so I not only will get a check back for everything I bought, my coupons paid for my tax plus a little overage! Best of all, now that we are completely stocked with cold supplies, my family will probably never get sick again! That's the way it works at my house!

Happy Savings!