Friday, October 24, 2008

Saving Memories: I've Been Tagged!

Okay, Becky, over at Nickels-N-Dimes Tagged me, now I have to find people to tag, I sooo don't know that many bloggers!

  1. Emma Louise at Coupon Savvy- she's the one who made my cool Saving Sherry avatar!
  2. Katie at Cincinnati Cents- I don't know her ( Hi Katie! It's nice to meet you!) but I hear she's a fellow CincyMOM.
  3. Lori at Samen Lori's Life- she helped me out with some info about the K-Mart and Old Navy deals.
  4. Andrea at Mommy Snacks- fellow CincyMOM and actually lives near me!

7 Random and or weird facts about me. . .

  1. I went to Marshall University, you know the one with the movie, and while there I met future NFL football players! I talked several times with Chad Pennington and I literally ran into Randy Moss on campus one day. I'm pretty sure my nose was in his belly button! He's REALLY tall!
  2. While in high school I told my parents to hit me if I ever thought about dating anyone like Rob; then I married him.
  3. My degree says I'm a music teacher.
  4. My grandfather's uncle was a mechanic for the Wright Brothers (I think it was his uncle, could have been cousin or something else.)
  5. I left my coupon binders at K-Mart during the last Super Double sale and I almost had a heart attack! My husband was worried I would wreck on my way back to get them!
  6. I have a pool in my back yard, but I very rarely use it. If it weren't for my husband swimming in it several times a week it would just sit empty. (Except for the water, that would probably still be there. . . )
  7. Here is a list of the MAJOR moves I've made in my life, starting with where I was born: Indiana, North Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, West Virginia, Ohio, Ohio.
Okay, now off to tell everyone they've been tagged!

Happy Savings!


Lori said...

How do I get that fancy tag over on my blog? I tried copy/cut/paste nothing moves it into my blog.

Cincinnati Cents said...

Hi Sherry! Thanks for the tag! It's always nice to find another Cincinnati Mom.

Saving Sherry said...

Copy it to somewhere on your computer- I like to save them to my desktop, easy to find and easy to delete when I'm done. Then click on the landscape looking icon to the right of spell check on your page where you create a new post. Then search for the image and Upload!

Anonymous said...

You know other bloggers...Kelly, Steve, Jeremy...
Just thought I'd help...