Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Treat Books

Have you seen the Halloween Treat Books out yet? I have and I'm very excited! Don't know what Treat Books are? Keep reading!

Burger King- $1

  • 8 FREE Value Size Fries Coupons
Coupons Expire 12/31

McDonald's- $1
  • 3 FREE Baked Apple Pie Coupons
  • 3 FREE Apple Juice or Milk Jug Coupon
  • 3 FREE Cones Coupons
  • 3 FREE Apple Dippers or Small Fries Coupons
Coupons expire 12/31

Frisch's Big Boy- $1
  • 8 FREE select Kid's Meals
Coupons expire 12/15

Wendy's- $1
  • 10 FREE Jr. Frosty Coupons
Coupons expire 2/1/10

Friendly's - $1 (Thanks, Coupons, Deals and More!)
  • 5 FREE Kid's Cone Coupons
Coupons expire 12/31

Coupons aren't valid until 10/31 or 11/1 so there is a limited time frame on their use, but WOW, those are some good deals!

Why do I think these are such good deals? Well, value-wise it obvious, but for my family, it's perfect for holiday traveling! Both my family and my husband's family live out of town (in opposite directions!) so we travel a lot in November and December visiting family and on those trips, a FREE snack for the kids or even us goes a long way!

They are also great to give out to those special kids in your life for Halloween (what they are actually made for!) I usually buy some to give to my children's choir students!

Know of any Treat Books I didn't list? Please let me know!


Andrea said...

Sherry great post! Too bad we don't have Frisch's Big Boy here in Colorado... that's an amazing deal!!!

Anonymous said...

Larosa's is doing $1 coupon books too. I called and the girl was unsure, but she thought they were good for a small pizza. I'm thinking she means individual pizza.

Anonymous said...

Where can these coupon books be purchased? I went by the Mcdonald's in Mobile and they don't carry them? Thanks

Saving Sherry said...

It varies from store to store. Apparently the owners or managers or someone in authority get to choose if they are going to do the books. They are purchased in the stores themselves. I have 2 Wendy's with 3 miles of my house and 1 is participating and the other isn't. BUT, good news is, even if your store isn't selling them, they will still accept them, so maybe someone else can find them and mail them to you!