Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Children's Place 15% Off Coupon

Ugh! I WISH I had this coupon last week! I just bought the boys new shirts for their pictures and I found them at The Children's Place! I would have loved the extra 15% off the already clearanced shirts! Print this coupon out now and carry it around with you! You never know when you will stumble into a Children's Place and find a clearance item like I did! Just click on the image above to get your coupon.

Don't have The Children's Place near you? That's okay, this coupon is valid on online orders as well! They are currently having online clearance and several things are $6 and under. Check out the sale here.


Lori said...

I went there Monday and I had an expired 15% off coupon and the cashier gave me a valid one to use. 7 shirts for less than $20.00

Saving Sherry said...

The cashier's there are really nice. I've had to order stuff online before and instead of paying shipping, I just called my local store and they gave me a free shipping code to use!

Sarah Mitchell said...

try taking your receipt to the store with the coupon. I did that with the kid's 4th of July outfits...they went on sale the week after I bought them AND I got a coupon. They adjusted the price for me! It's worth asking :)