Monday, September 15, 2008

Saving Sanity with Electricity

Guess who's power was out for 28 hours? That's right, it was me! Oh boy, try explaining to a 3 year old that the lights are broken, the TV is broken, the toaster is broken and the list goes on and on. He was a trooper though. He did a great job and we were very proud of him. He was very excited when he came in the house and saw lights on. He was bouncing around saying "They fixed it, Mommy! They fixed it!" School was canceled today and Rob had no power at work so he stayed home. That makes it 4 days in a row he's been home (he had to take off last Friday because I was too sick to function). We had a wonderful time playing with the neighbors, grilling out and potty training by flashlight.

Did I mention we started potty training on Saturday? THAT was fun done by flashlight. Only 2 accidents so far, so he's doing much better than we anticipated. He wears "big boy underwear" during the day and pull-ups at nap-time and bedtime. He's an all or nothing kind of kid, so Rob and Drew spent about an hour in the bathroom watching a DVD, eating snacks and drinking water on Saturday until he went potty. Once he did it, he was good to go, at least so far. We'll see how he does at school. He will definitely be in pull-ups for that because of the bus ride. I don't think the transportation department would be very happy with me if he had an accident on the bus!

Well, just wanted to update you all about what was going on in our lives this weekend. Hopefully I can find some new deals to entice me to go to the store tomorrow, but I don't know if I'll be able to tear myself away from the powerful feeling I get when I flip a switch and turn on the lights. God must have thought it was pretty cool when He said "Let there be light" and I now, in some small way, feel just as pleased as He did that very first time.

Happy Savings!


Sally said...

How about praying that ours comes on? At least we have stockpiled, so we have tons of food.

Anna said...

Yeah, 60 hours without power wasn't fun either. I have a whole new appreciation for electricity!!!

Lori said...

I was out for 39 hrs. mine came on Wednesday at 7:10 a.m. I took advantage of that by doing some house cleaning. I of course had to toss everything from the refrigerator so that is looking like new. So new there is only miracle whip and salad dressing in there. Stuff I had on reserve. I hope P & G put some coupons in the paper for BUY ONE save ? I hate when we need to buy 2 to save 75¢

Lori said...

I was wrong, make that 89 hrs out of power. Thankfully we had water. It was actually kinda fun, in a way.