Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Saving Money at Target

Okay, remember the Kashi deal I posted about yesterday? Well, thanks to Crystal, I now have a HUGE money maker at Target! Kashi frozen waffles are on sale at many stores for $1.58. If you buy 4 boxes of waffles your price out of pocket after receiving your $5 gift card will be $1.32. That's only $.33 a box! Even if you can only use 1 on the $2/1 coupons found here you will be making money! You could get your waffles for free and THEN get handed a $5 gift card just for taking them off Targets hands! That's an AMAZING deal!

Happy Savings!


Anonymous said...

I went to the Target on Tylersville/Cox and they didn't have any left (if they ever had them).

Sally said...

I didn't even see a spot a Field's Ertle for them.

I did find another deal. Cutter and Off bug spray were clearanced for $1.12. I had a $1.00 coupon for cutter and $.75 for Off. Sounds like a super deal to me.