Sunday, June 28, 2009

Water and Chicken Deal at Meijer

Okay, so on a very rare lone trip to Meijer I was just wondering the aisles and I decided to check prices on bottled water. I noticed a sign under the Aquafina water and noticed that it makes an AWESOME deal!

Aquafina Water is $3.50 for a 24 pack
Buy 2 24 packs, get a FREE Rotisserie Chicken (up to $5.49)
$7 for 48 bottles of water and a Rotisserie Chicken!!!!

I know what we're having for dinner one night this week! The ending date on this deal is 7/4.


Lori said...

Thanks for the FREE chicken. I am stocked on water but can always use it so it's a great find.

Lori said...

If your looking for the sign that states the sale, it is across from the deli where a huge display of water is located. The sign is not in the water isle, at least it wasn't when I was there today.