Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Saving Memories

Well, I am sad tonight. My baby turned 3 this week. Okay, my oldest child turned 3, but still, he's my baby. It's amazing how fast his life has progressed. He is an amazing child and I can't wait to see the amazing man he will become. . .but, for tonight I will miss the stages past of nursing, learning to crawl and walk and that first amazing smile. I will enjoy all the "squeezes" and kisses and the all "I love you Mommy"s I can get, for I know this stage, too, shall pass.

As always, Happy Savings!

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Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day DREW! Hope Grandpa got you a new U.K. Basketball Jersey & Ball GO CATS! CATS! CATS!
Time goes so fast. Now he is in the trying three's. People talk about 2's youv'e not seen anything yet. I will be watching for that indendent spirit with a smile. Don't forgot the second child will bring the true joy of a three year old. Enjoy each day thru your childs eye's seeing, laughing & sharing time together only the way mom's & dad's can and should love a child. Happy Birthday Again Drew.