Monday, November 2, 2009

More Great Artscow Deals

Here are some more Artscow deals for you just in time for the holidays! These codes are credits, not coupon codes. Before you get that confused look on your face, let me explain. All that means to this company is you need to click on My Account and log into your account then click on the Credit & Discount section and type in the code BEFORE you design your product. That's it, nothing overly complicated about it.

3 FREE 7x5, 20 Page, Hardcover Photo Albums
- use credit code 40PAGEBOOK
- you will have to pay shipping and handling

40 FREE Photo Cards with envelopes
- use credit code 40PHOTOCARDS
- 20 8x4 cards and 20 7x5 cards
- you will have to pay shipping and handling

I'm thinking EVERYONE on my Christmas list is going to get pictures of my boys somehow or another thanks Artscow!