Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Check out what everyone else did not do on My Charming Kids!

I did not let my kids sleep through fireworks on Saturday because they were so tired I didn't want to wake them up. I was a good Mommy and I let them stay up and watch the fireworks like every other normal parent in the country. I would never actually say: "They don't know what today is, they don't know what they are missing, just let them sleep."

We did not pacify our children while we were on vacation by letting them get in bed with me in the morning and eat graham crackers while watching Veggie Tales and my husband did not go and sleep in my son's bed. (In our defense, we were staying in a cabin with my parents, my brother and sister-in-law and my niece, none of whom think 6 am is a good time to wake up!)

I did not drive 30 minutes away from my house to make a bunch of returns only to find out that I did not have the credit card that I purchased the items on with me and was unable to make any returns. I am not still bitter about this. (Grr!)

I did NOT go back to Kroger and get more fruit snacks after last weeks Not Me! Monday post. I am not addicted to good deals. Okay, the sale is over, I will not be buying any more, for at least 6 months or so, hopefully. . .

When I went to Dairy Queen on July 4th, I did not request the the lady make my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard with mostly Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and very little ice cream. She DID NOT actually do this and it WAS NOT the BEST BLIZZARD I had ever eaten! (It makes me drool just thinking about it!) Oh, and I did not gain at least 5 pounds immediately after eating said non-existent Blizzard.


Shelly said...

LOL! The credit card thing totally sounds like something I'd do and NOT be bitter about either!

Anita said...

Hey, I found your blog through MckMama's... what a great "not me" post! It's so fun to browse through them and get a few chuckles of all the things we "dont do".
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