Monday, July 13, 2009

Saving Money at Staples

Staples pencils (8 ct) are $.01

Staples Copy Paper is $3.69
Submit for the $3.68 Staples Easy Rebate

Staples Photo Paper 4″x6″ is $9.99
Submit for the $8.99 Easy Rebate

Staples translucent pencil cases are $1

Staples Mini Magnetic Stapler is $1

Acme Junior 5“ scissors (2 pk) are $1

BIC Wite-Out Quick Dry (2 Pack) are $1

Staples Pink Wedge Erasers (3 Pack) are $1

Sharpie Major Accent Highlighters, Assorted, (6 Pk) is $1

BIC Velocity Stick Fashion Pens, Assorted, (5 Pack) is $1

Scotch Magic Tape is $1

Everything is limit 2 per customer, but if you can prove that you are a teacher, the manager usually increases that limit to 20 (that's what they did last year, I haven't called to check yet this year) except for the Easy Rebates, the limit is 2 on those no matter what! Personally, I'm only getting the $.01 items and waiting for more sales on everything else!
Oh, and don't forget to use the $5/$20 purchase coupon in this week's ad! You can actually MAKE money after the rebate items with this coupon!