Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me! Monday

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I did not force my entire family to dress up as cows on Friday to get a FREE dinner at Chick-fil-A! Okay, I admit it, I did and it was totally fun! There was a guy there who made a cow head out of a milk jug! I'm going to have to work on that for next year's Cow Appreciation Day! But I was a good mom and I made my boys eat their chicken nuggets and not just the waffle fries! I mean, I LOVE their chicken nuggets, why would I be okay with the boys eating fries for just one meal so I could share the nuggets with my husband, RIGHT?!?!

Okay, this one I admit to, but it was so out of character for me, my husband did not believe I actually did it, so it's making it into my Not Me! Monday! I actually reported a shoplifter at Kroger yesterday! Okay, I was looking though the papers to make sure the coupons were all there and this lady walked up and started taking out all of the coupon inserts and complaining that some of them were missing. I was like "are you just taking the inserts?" And she was like "yeah, just like you are!" Okay, that set me off!! I BUY my papers for the extra coupons, I DO NOT STEAL!! So I found a manager for Kroger and told her about it, she dropped what she was doing and RAN to find the lady saying they had been trying to catch her for weeks! VERY long story short, she didn't get the inserts (YEA!) and she accused me of stealing! I offered my papers for the manger to inspect without a guilty bone in my body and was proved innocent, but I was so mad I was actually visibly shaking! (Oh, and a male cashier walked me to my van because we were scared she was waiting for me in the parking lot!) DO NOT give couponers a bad rep in front of me, because you will go down!!! (hee hee hee)

Okay, looks like it's a short Not Me! Monday, but I'm still tired from yesterdays through down at Kroger! I'll have to save some for next week as I'm planning on being a great wife and mother this week and will accumulate no topics for this post next Monday (yeah, right!) See you next week!


Lori said...

Good going sherry! That ticks me off knowing people actually steel the coupon insert, THAT IS WAY LOW.

Jennifer said...

My husband picked up my paper at Speedway one week and there was no inserts. I typically buy the paper just for coupons and this upset me. I have made him start checking now. I never thought that I would have to go that far. Good for you for reporting her!