Friday, April 3, 2009

This Sunday's Coupons

After a few week of lame coupons, we are finally getting some good ones this week! Yea! There are going to be 5 inserts! That's right I said 5! You can check out the coupon preview on The Coupon Clippers. Here are some of the great coupons I see, did you see some I missed?

  • $.50 Betty Crocker Tub Frosting- this coupon usually gets us FREE frosting
  • $.50/2 Betty Crocker Warm Delights- I like $.50/1 better, but this will probably make for some cheap (still not free) Warm Delights
  • $.40 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix- usually makes for some $.20 cookie mix
  • $.50 Daisy Brand Sour Cream- usually makes for FREE sour cream
  • Buy 2 Dozen Eggs and Get a FREE Big Red 2 Liter- ummm, it's Easter week, that won't be hard to accomplish! Hopefully Kroger has $.88 eggs again this week. . .
  • $1 Pilsbury Pizza Crust- usually makes for some cheap crust (these make delicious Calzones)
  • $1 Kellogg Cereal- should make for some cheap cereal
  • $.75 McCormick Spice- last time this made for some FREE spices, but it depends on the luck of the sales. . .
  • $.75 Breyers Ice Cream- umm, I just really want some ice cream and now I'll have a coupon!
  • $.75 Crest- sometimes makes for FREE toothpaste

Those are the good coupons I see! That's a pretty big list for me! I'm excited! I have that couponer's "night before Christmas" rush!

Happy Savings!


Lori said...

you made me chuckle with the "night b4 Christmas rush" with coupons. I wonder if these will all be in the paper off the shelf or just home delivery, what can you offer on this?

Saving Sherry said...

They "should" all be on the shelf. Just make sure you look through the coupon inserts in the paper. I plan on hitting up a UDF on the way to church in the morning to score some extra papers. One thing I have noticed about the Enquirer is that when we are supposed to get 5 inserts, sometimes there are only 4, but we get the same coupons. They tend to combine 2 inserts into 1. Odd.