Saturday, April 4, 2009

FREE Printer Paper at Staples

Do you want some FREE printer paper? Well, it's not exactly free, but after tax, I paid slightly under $1 for 8 reams. Not $1 each, $1 total! Yea! Seriously cheap paper to print my coupons off on! Here's the deal:

Staples is changing the packaging on one line of their printer paper, so they are selling it for $6.99 and offering a $5.99 UNLIMITED rebate. That means you can buy as many as you want, submit the rebate and get $5.99 back on every ream! The SKU for the paper is 554638. This deal is ONLY good on this SKU number. I've been reading online that sometimes this SKU is with the other paper, sometimes it's in the back and at my Staples it was on an endcap in the printer section. Just ask if you can't find it, they will be able to locate it for you. So, want to know how to get 8 reams for under $1? Do this deal from Southern Savers:

  • Buy 8 reams of paper at $6.99. Use this $10/$50 coupon from Office Max (Staples takes competitors coupons). Your total after tax should be (depending on your tax amount) $48.91. Submit online for the rebate here and sometime within the next 6 weeks you will get a rebate check for $47.92. You just got 8 reams of paper for $.99!!

The best thing is that there is no limit on how many times you can do this deal! I have read that some stores are not accepting this coupon (it's a pdf and the managers think it's a copy instead of just a print out) but even if they don't take the $10 off, a ream of paper for $1 is a really great deal!

Happy Savings!


Lori said...

that's awesome, thanks for the grand idea!

Lori said...

Thanks so much for the printer paper tip, I went and bought 16 packs! at this price I don't care if my grandson cuts it up! I will be giving you a big shout out on my blog sometime this week. I also had a couple $10.00 coupons from Office Depot YIPPIE. It's going fast off the shelves.

Special said...

this coupon looks good for office purposes