Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saving Money with Coupons

Here are some coupon deals that I have recently found:

Get recipes and coupons right in your inbox when you sign up with Betty Crocker. I signed up for this program and let me tell you that there are some seriously delicious recipes! Plus, the coupons you can get are usually better than the ones sent in the Sunday papers. They are offering their $10 in savings rewards for signing up now!

Click on the picture above and sign up to receive a $2 Aveeno coupon! I LOVE Aveeno coupons because my boys can only use the Aveeno Baby Wash. Everything else dries them out horribly! Every time I can get my hands on an Aveeno coupon I snag it! The coupons are usually only for $1, so this is a really good coupon!

Happy Savings!