Friday, February 27, 2009

Saving Money at the Mall

Check out these freebies and deals on stuff at the your local Mall:

  • Use this coupon to get a free pair of Essential Cotton Panties at Express (yup, I said Express!) Valid until Sunday, March 1!
  • Use this coupon at Victoria's Secret to get free 1oz Pink Energizing Lotion. Valid until March 2.
  • Register with Victoria's Secret here and receive a coupon for a FREE tote and a coupon for $10/$35 purchase!
  • Use this coupon to get a FULL SIZE Bath and Body Works Shower Gel with ANY purchase!! Valid until March 15.
  • Use this coupon to get a FREE aromatherapy product with at $15 purchase at Bath and Body Works. Valid until March 1.

Thanks to Deal Seeking Mom for most of this stuff!

Happy Savings!

1 Comment: said...

Just a reminder. The coupon link you posted for Bath and Body Works is "spend $10 and get the free item. It's not any purchase, you have to spend $10. Hope this helps someone and thank for such a great blog!