Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saving Sherry's Weekly Round-Up


  • Tide Laundry Detergent is $5.99- use $1 coupon from today's P&G insert to make it $4.99
  • Duracell Batteries are $5.99, get back $2 in ECBs- use $.75 coupon from the 10/26 RedPlum or today's P&G insert to make them $3.25 after coupon and ECBs- make the deal even better if you can find the tearpad of CVS coupons that are $5/2. That would make them $.75 each! I found these coupons last week in Indiana because they literally stuck to the bottom of my husbands shoe! (Good job honey!)
  • Dawn Dish Detergent is $1.49 and B1G1 Free- use 2 of the $.20 coupons from the 11/16 RedPlum to make them $.55 each.
  • Maybelline Mascara is B1G1 Free- use 2 $1 coupons in the 9/21 or 10/26 RedPlum to make some really cheap mascara.
  • Pantene Pro-V Shampoo, Conditioner, and Stylers are $3.49, get a $1 ECB- use $1/2 coupon from today's P&G insert to make them $1.99 each after coupon and ECB. (not the best deal on shampoo, but when you need shampoo, you NEED shampoo.)
  • Receive a $5 ECB when you purchase $15 in Gillette Fusion or Venus Razors or Cartridges- use $4 Fusion coupon from today's P&G insert to get a pretty good deal on razors.
  • Buy $20 of Benefiber, Gas-X or Maalox, get $10 in ECBs back- use $2 Benefiber coupon from the 11/16 SmartSource, $1.50 Gas-X printable for Thin Strips (if it's included) or $2 Maalox coupon from the 10/19 SmartSource to make this a really good deal for these products. (limit 1)
  • Opti-Free Replenish Twin Packs are $15.99, get $2 back in ECBs- use $1 printable to make it $12.99 after coupon and ECBs. (not the best price, but not bad either)


  • Glade Wisp Flameless Candles are $3.99- use $3 coupon from the 11/2 SmartSource to make them $.99 after coupon.
  • Excedrin Express Gel Caps are $5, buy 3 and get an $8 Register Reward- use 2 (or 3 if you have more than 1 computer) $2 printable AND Try-Me-Free rebate from the 10/19 SmartSource to make this a MONEYMAKER! ($5x3 bottles=$15, $15-4 in coupons=$11, $11-$8 in RRs=$3, $3-$5 rebate= -$2) (Thanks Andrea!)
  • Buy 2 Reach Dental Care Products, receive $6 in Register Rewards- buy 1 Dental Floss and 2 Toothbrushes, use $1 coupon on Floss from the 10/12 RedPlum and the B1G1 Free Toothbrush coupon from the 10/12 RedPlum to make this a MONEYMAKER!


  • Arnold Soft Bread is $2.99 and B1G1 Free- use 2 $.55 coupons from the 10/5 or 11/9 SmartSource to make them $.50 each.
  • Bananas are $.38/lb
  • Seedless Grapes are $.99/lb
  • Kroger Milk or Orange Juice is $1.25/half gallon

Thursday's 8 Hour Sale- from 1pm to 9pm

  • $.77 Kroger Eggs
  • $1.50 Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream
  • $1.49 Mike-Sell's Potato Chips 10.5 oz.
  • $.99 Kroger Chocolate Milk
  • $1.99 Oscar Mayer Deli Shaved Lunchmeat 7-10 oz.
  • $1.68 Holiday M&M's or Nestle Jingles or Minis- use $1/2 Nestle Jingles Printable to make them $1.18 each.
  • $.99 Kroger Peanuts 12 oz.
  • $5 Chocolate Chip Cookies 50 ct.
  • $2.99 Shelled Walnuts or Almonds 16 oz.


  • Milk is $2.39/Gallon
  • Bananas are $.38/lb
  • Bagelfuls are $2- use $1 printable in the widget on the right side of my blog to make them $1
  • Select Kellogg cereals are $2.50, buy 4 and receive a FREE gallon of milk- use $1 coupons from the 11/9 RedPlum to make this a pretty decent deal
  • Kraft Mac & Cheese is B3G3 Free (I LOVE this sale!)
  • Nestle Hot Cocoa is $.99- use $.75 printable to make it FREE!
  • Buy 1 pack of Energizer Batteries and Get $2 off INSTANTLY at the register- use $1 coupon from the 10/26 and 11/9 SmartSource or the printable to make this a great deal on batteries! (Generally speaking, these only work 1 time per transaction, so, you may need to do multiple transactions if you want more then 1 pack of batteries.)

These are all the deals I see so far this week. Did I miss something? Let me know!

Happy Savings!


Sally said...

I know you don't do Biggs, but they have 1/2 gallons of milk for $.99. You can only buy 4, but they have self check out. If you buy 9, you get one free. Pretty good deal.

Fawn said...

This is an unavertised special but i know this cause I did it several times this week.
at wags Bic soleil razors ( not disposible) are 6.99 and B1G1 free use 2 3.00 off q's and they are free just pay tax. I used the razor ones and the cartridge 4 pk ones and they all ring up B1G1 free.... Got 54.00 in razors for 5.00 and some odd cents... LOVE GREAT DEALS!

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting some of these deals! Brian went to our Kroger last night and people were taking the bread out by the arm load. They were completely OUT skim milk and bananas. Shelves were bare in many places. He said it was worse than when he ran to get a last minute thing for me the day before Thanksgiving!