Monday, November 3, 2008

Saving Money on Election Day

Here is a list of places I have found that are giving away products to people that vote tomorrow:

  • Starbucks is giving away a FREE tall brewed coffee if you tell them you voted.
  • Krispie Kreme is giving everyone wearing an "I Voted" sticker a FREE iced star shaped doughnut with red, white and blue sprinkles (hating everyone with a Krispie Kreme store right now, we only have the gas station ones)
  • Ben & Jerry's is giving away a FREE scoop of ice cream to those wearing "I Voted" stickers between 5 and 8 pm
  • Some Chick-fil-a stores are giving away free food to people wearing "I Voted" stickers. It's not on their site, but I heard it though the grape vine, so I called my local store. They are not participating, but said other stores are, just none in my area.
  • Rumors are circulating that McAllister's Deli is giving away a free cookie and Books-A-Million is giving a free coffee, but I can't get verification on either of those.

Please make sure to call your local store before heading out. I don't want you to drive to get your free coffee only to find out you went to the only Starbucks in the country not participating!

Happy Savings!