Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me! Monday

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I do not currently, nor have I ever, have a pack-n-play full of clean clothes in my bedroom. It would not be there depressing me every time I look at it, because I do not HATE putting clean clothes away. Nope, everything in my house goes straight from the dryer to the closet or dresser that it belongs to.

I did not make cinnamon rolls while my boys were sleeping so I didn't have to share them with the kids! My husband and I did not sit in bed eating warm cinnamon rolls and watching TV before we went to sleep. I would never deny my children one of their favorite junk foods!

I did not pick out the colors that I wanted to paint the downstairs (all 4 colors) only to have my husband put a large splotch on the walls and discover that I HATED all 4 colors. Ugh. Now, not only do I not know what colors I want to put on the walls, I now HAVE to pick out colors because my walls have huge splotches of random colors on them. Any interior decorators willing to come and pick out colors and paint my house for free out there? I'll cook for you! I'm good at that!

That's enough for this week. House is on and I have to get my fix, I mean, I never watch TV, it's not good for your brain!

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sharon said...

Sherwin Williams is our favorite. They make a beige called Bagel that is the perfect neutral and A calming blue appropriately called meditative blue.