Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kroger Shopping List for the Week of Sept 8


Raspberries are $.98
Green Bell Peppers are $.50
Red Gala Apples are $.88/lb


Kroger Cheese is $1.25
Kroger 1/2 Gallon OJ is $1


Cook's Ham is $.99/lb
Ground Chuck is $1.69/lb
Assorted Pork Chops are $1.59/lb

Other Deals

Mento's Gum is $1
$.55 in the 6/21 and 8/16 SS
FREE after coupon

Dial Liquid Hand Soap is $1
$.55 printable here
$.35 in the 8/16 SS
FREE to $.30 after coupon

Hefty One Zip Storage Bags are $1
$.55/2 in the 8/30 SS
$.55 in some 8/30 SS (I bought some on Ebay!)
FREE to $.50 each

Barilla Whole Grain or Piccolina Pasta is $1
$.50/2 in the 8/23 SS
$.50 each after coupon

I don't as of yet have an ad in my hands as I am out of town and the ad isn't online yet, so I will try to update with more deals once I get a copy of an actual ad. See anything I missed? Please let me know!


AmyW said...

The hefty one zips also have 20c peelies on them so dotn despair if you dont have any inserts!
(my insert coupon was off of 2)

Where has anyone found that gum? I have the coups but cant fin it at my kroger.

Saving Sherry said...

I found the gum in the check out aisle. I ordered my $1/1 coupons from e-bay as soon as I saw that some regions were getting them. $.50 or $.60 for a box of Hefty Bags is still a great deal! That's my normal stock-up price. I can find the gum, but I've been to 8 or 9 Krogers in 2 different states (we traveled over the holiday) and I can't find ANY Hefty Bags!