Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bigg's Triple Coupons are Back!

I was just contacted by Bigg's to let me know that they are doing Triple Coupons this weekend (10 am Oct. 2 through 10 pm Oct 5) to celebrate their 25th Anniversary! Here are the rules:

Manufacture Coupons up to $.50 triple
Manufacture Coupon from $.51- $1 double

Coupon cannot exceed the value of the item. Limit to 2 identical coupons for each item per family. No rainchecks.

Hmm, I'm thinking I see some FREE stuff in my future!


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing. I was just looking through their ad Sunday night and saw a couple of things that caught my eye.
I wil see what those were and let you know.
I think it was a nabisco crackers deal for $3 off or something and there is a coupon for b1 ritz g1 filled ritz or something like that and a 75c/2.
Will double check cuz that is SOOO informative. LOL

Amy West

Anonymous said...

I noticed pillsbury cresecent rolls are 2/$4.
Money saving mom posted an IP ( i cant print it for some reason) for $1 off. Making them free!

Amy West

Kerri said...

Do you know if anyone will do a list for this sale - some suggestions of free to really cheap items?

Saving Sherry said...

Kerri, I'm working on a list, or at least trying to, but my 1 year old gave me his cold, so it's going (my brain isn't cooperating)! Hopefully I'll have it up tomorrow!